Denise Kragh

Hello and welcome to my personal Essential Oils Website, I am very excited to be a part of the Forever Young Two Family of Essential Oils. I have been an Aesthetician for over a decade. During my tenure in the clinical environment I have developed a loyal clientele. I believe that my passion combined with professionalism has inspired me to want to continue to grow both personally and professionally. I was introduced to Essential Oils a few years ago. As with most people, I was unsure and skeptical of their uses. Fast forward to today, I have incorporated the oils into my everyday routine as well as my family. I now use the oils in my practice. Essential oils have provided another way for me to live a life free of chemicals and unhealthy additives.

Essential Oils and their natural properties have affected change for many. Since my children are grown and on their own, I have joined forces with Miranda Fladeboe. Miranda is a mother of two and has her own Salon called, “Miss Miranda’s”. Miranda and I have chosen to share the oils as a team. Together we can combine our passions and work together. Come join us as we further explore Essential Oils.

St Cloud MN