Katie’s information:

Katie Foley

I am so excited to share my life experiences and how my experiences led me to be a part of the Young Living Family. I grew up on a hobby farm in north central Wisconsin. Our family was very connected to the earth. We had gardens, very large gardens. As a child I did not appreciate the sustainable lifestyle my parents were living. They would work part time schedules and be home with us kids the rest of the time. Eating fresh stir fry’s, quinoa and even liver and onions as a child growing up. (At least to me) was not exactly my idea of good food.

As a young adult, I moved to the big city of St. Cloud to get my nursing degree. I never thought I would stay, I wanted to be back in north central Wisconsin on our 40 acres.

Fast forward to today, I have a family, two beautiful children and living in Sauk Rapids MN, I carried along many of the family traditions to my family. We try hard to live a more sustainable, holistic, natural lifestyle. We have a garden that we plant every year, I love to see my 3 year old out in the garden picking veggies with my husband making memories.

I was introduced to Young Living oils after a bike accident. I broke my arm mountain biking and it has always been a reminder to me ever since. Ten years later I still deal with swelling and pain, Young Living has many great products that help support our system. One in particular was Pan Away: that oil was the oils that created my AH HA moment. I bought a starter Kit and since then my family and I have made Young Living Oils a part of our daily routine. I t makes my heart smile when my son asks for a salad and his oils.

I am nowhere near my mom and dad when it comes to sustainable life, but taking what they have taught me and sharing what I have learned about the oils has allowed me to give back to my family so we can continue on to inch our way to a healthier, more natural approach to life.

Come join my friend Sara Kitzman and me as we have teamed up to promote a healthier lifestyle through the use of Young Living Oils.