Miranda Fladeboe

I am very excited to be a part of the For Ever Young Two Oils family. I have been a Stylist for over 15 years now and have the opportunity to have my own business in my home. My salon and kids keep me very busy, add to that I have had some health issues such as Lyme disease. This has made my day to day workings a challenge. Thanks to my Medical Providers and others I have been able to stay ahead of the game and keep my health in check. One of the things I have as a part of my daily regiments is Essential Oils, they have helped me tremendously as well as my children. I have been using Essential Oil for over 18 years with much success, I felt compelled to tell all of you about the oils as well as invite you to share in a wonderful, natural health supplement.

Because of my busy schedule I have asked my good friend Denise Kragh to team up with me and share my oil experience. I have known Denise for many years and we share a common interest in looking and feeling good inside and out. Denise and I have found Essential Oils to be very beneficial personally and professionally. Denise works as an Aesthetician and has been doing so for 10 plus years, since her children are grown and have started lives of their own it makes our working together a win win for the two of us, I am excited to partner with Denise and share the oils.

St. Cloud MN