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Carol Brinkman, Family Nurse

Carol Brinkman, FNP-BC formed the company FOREVER YOUNG TWO Medical as of February 2016 allowing her to fully utilize her over 3 decades of experience and bring to Central Minnesota an entirely new and holistic approach to patient treatment using a combination of traditional and non-traditional medical practices.

Carol has established significant name recognition in the Central Minnesota market and beyond. Carol believes her talents and patient treatment methods will provide the marketplace with a wanted and needed alternative to the large patient churn clinics that dominate Central Minnesota. Not only are her credentials and reputation impeccable, her dedication to long term patient health is unequaled and their results speak for themselves generating loyalty and referrals.

Carol believes that there is a segment of current and prospective patients of medical services that desire: an evolutionary integration of traditional and alternative medicines, a holistic approach utilizing traditional and alternative medical sources to treat their specific ailment and pain, limiting or eliminating the use of traditional pharmaceutical therapies generally prescribed.

The current and prospective patients: are open minded, not in it for the quick fix that most likely simply masks the symptoms, are open to education, are open to education about holistic and traditional options, look at us as the resource that is able to pull it all together have the ability to pay for our services.

FOREVER YOUNG TWO will position itself as the provider of holistic traditional and non-traditional medicine whose primary objective is to improve the quality of life for its patients.

Al Brinkman Forever Young Two

Allen’s career has been one that has served the public well. Allen grew up in a family business managing the retail business until it was sold in the 80’s. Allen then focused his career in public service working for the MN Department of Correction in various positions.

In 2005 Allen retired from Public Service to pursue a Consulting Career. In March of 2016 his dream came true. He and his wife Carol opened a medical clinic in Monticello MN. They talked long and at length about opening a healthcare facility focused on: how to take charge of their own health, treating people at the core and teaching them better ways to manage their health.

Carol and Allen have always had the passion to teach people. We help people learn how to use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and share our knowledge and skills with all walks of life with a goal of helping people make choices to achieve optimal wellness.

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Julie Murphy - FY2

Julie Murphy has worked in health care as an Registered Nurse for 20 years, both in the clinic and hospital environment; 13 years of them being in clinic management of internal medicine and primary care clinics.

As a WHNP for 4 years, specializing in bio-identical hormone balancing as well as functional medicine, Julie’s scope of work focuses on the disease prevention, health promotion and restoration, on non-pediatric women (typically menstruating for at least a year).

Being a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner, Julie loves best working with natural supplements and mostly non-drug therapies to assist the healing power of the body. She is always trying to address the underlying root cause of an individual’s symptoms versus covering up the symptoms. She personalizes treatments based on evidence-based medicine and professional practice guidelines to each unique individual; encouraging positive lifestyle changes in nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, toxin exposure, gut health, weight optimization.

Mary Neisen Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Mission: Enhance the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection by providing Health Care in partnership with clients. I assist clients to reach their highest level of health and wellness through permanent lifestyle changes, education, motivation, and evidenced based strategies. Attention is focused on meeting your individual health concerns.

Philosophy: Even little changes can make a big difference! People are most successful when they have support, guidance and education. Together we can improve your health, keep you active as you age and bring balance to your life.

Why use a health and wellness coach? 70% of health care costs are related to preventable diseases. As a health and wellness coach, I help people improve health and well-being in a personalized way. Coaching helps to reduce health care costs and provides you with more individual time and attention needed to make healthy behavior changes. People are looking for help to manage stress, lose weight, increase energy, and improve balance in their life. I will help you build skills, stay motivated, and increase self-awareness and confidence in order to make changes that can be sustained.

Together we will develop a plan to address diet, physical activity, weight loss, sleep disorders, stress management, boosting the immune system, menstrual/peri-menopause/post-menopause issues, achieving life balance, and chronic health conditions including osteoporosis, digestive issues, high cholesterol, back pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. I also offer programs for pre-conception counseling, female and male hormone balancing and digestive health.

Denise Kragh Aesthetician, Skin Specialist and Laser Technician

Denise has over 13 years of experience in the world of skin care as a medically trained aesthetician and laser technician. Her passion for helping clients accomplish their skin care goals is evident in her dedication as well as the results her clients achieve. Denise’s truly caring spirit and lively spunk are what her clients love about her.

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Roni Witter Nurse at Forever Young Two

Like many little girls, I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up but who knew that I would not grow up till I
had 4 children. Made it through nursing school at the top of my class. Throughout the many years that
I have been a nurse I have had the opportunity to explore several areas of nursing. My favorite area of
nursing was Emergency, however due to injury I was no longer able to do the job. As they say one door
closes and another one opens. That is what brought me to Forever Young Two Medical.

Forever Young Two has provided me the opportunity to learn a great deal more about what nursing
means to me and to re-ignite my passion for my chosen career. I love that we look at the entire body
and not just individual symptoms. We take the time with each patient to listen to their concerns and
come up with a care plan designed for each individual person. I love that we have adjunct/alternative
therapies such as, low level light laser, healing touch, weight loss programs and skin care.

Kris is a 2002 graduate of St Cloud State University. Kris brings 12 years of combined Retail and Member Services at a financial institution along with 9 years of Medical Experience as an Information Systems Help desk Specialist at a major medical facility.

She brings this knowledge to Forever Young Two Medical; it goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy of how we treat our patients. At her previous employers, she was responsible for day to day operations and customer service.

Her experience coupled with an awesome personality makes her an exceptional Office Coordinator. Kris handles each patient with extraordinary care and enjoys seeing patients achieve optimal wellness.